Kent's Studio
I began playing the guitar at the age of 4 under the
supervision of my Father. At the age of 10 I began formal
music lessons, studying the Guitar, Piano and Voice. At the
age of 14 I began studying the Piano with Ileana Fernandez,
Principal Keyboardist with the Jacksonville Symphony
Orchestra. At the age of 15 I began teaching Guitar, Piano
and Music Theory with the encouragement and supervision
of my music instructors. At the age of 17 I began studying
Classical Guitar with James Chandler at Jacksonville
University, and Jazz Guitar with Gary Starling at Jacksonville
University. At this time I was also performing 4 to 5 nights a
week in clubs around the Jacksonville area with the rock
band Enchanter. After less than 1 year Enchanter
disbanded, and I prepared to enter the University of North
Floridas' Jazz Program. At UNF I studied Jazz Guitar with the
legendary Jack Petersen, founder of the guitar programs at
Berklee and  North Texas State. During this time I studied
music theory and composition with Dr. William Prince and
played in the UNF Jazz Band under the direction of Bruce
Silva. At the same time I was still actively studying the
Classical Guitar with James Chandler and attending Master
Classes with Stephen Robinson of Stetson University. In
1988 I founded the hard rock band Prodigy. From its
inception Prodigy was primarily an original band intent on
becoming an established international act. After 1 year of
performing and writing Prodigy recorded its first full album
in the Fall of 1989. This was followed by over 1 year of
intense touring in support of the album, opening shows for
Megadeth, Pantera, Yngwie Malmsteen, and many other
established international recording artists. In 1990 Prodigy
received the award of Best Heavy Metal Band if Florida from
the most prominent Florida music magazine, JAM Magazine.
This helped Prodigy secure an international recording
contract in 1992, and our album was released in Europe and
Japan under the name Oracle, due to trademark issues with
another band of the same name. This release was followed
by yet more touring and promotion. Sadly, with a new album
in the works and prospects for a European headlining tour
on the horizon, the band split up due to internal tensions.
After this intense experience I continued to teach Guitar and
write music. In the mid-90s I recorded with recording artist
Kitae, did session work and recorded my own material. I the
late-90s I joined the Jazz/Fusion group Acoustic Collective
and wrote and recorded an album with them. After this
group disbanded I sang in 80s cover band Spicolis' Dream.
During this time I also performed numerous Classical guitar
concerts and continued teaching and writing music. In my
teaching career I have taught over 1000 students. Some of
them have gone on to become instructors themselves, either
privately or in the school system. Many of my former
students have continued their studies in college, earning
degrees and pursuing academic posts. Some have gone on
to become professional musicians, two examples being
James MacDonough (former Megadeth Bassist) and Terry
Balsamo (guitarist for the bands Cold and Evanescence). I
served as piano accompanist for the Jacksonville Symphony
Youth Orchestra's Foundation and Junior strings divisions
in the 2005-06 season. On August 11,2006 I studied with the
legendary classical guitarist Christopher Parkening at his
master class in Coral Gables,FL. More recently I have
devoted myself to teaching music, recording, and
performing. With nearly 30 years of professional teaching
and performing experience, I am sure I can help you achieve
your musical goals.
You are listening to
The Lives We Touch
from my album
Whispered Dreams
Kent Smedley is a Guitar Instructor in Jacksonville,FL
with nearly 30 years of Professional Teaching
Experience. He began learning the play the guitar at the
age of 4.

Kent has studied Classical Guitar with James Chandler,
Dr. Stephen Robinson (Professor of Classical Guitar at
Stetson University) and with Christopher Parkening at his
2006 master-class in Coral Gables,FL.

Kent has studied Jazz Guitar with Gary Starling,
(Professor of Jazz Guitar at Jacksonville University) and
with Jack Peterson (founder of The Berklee School of
Music's Guitar Program) at the University of North Florida.

Kent also studied Classical Piano for 8 years with
Rebecca Hodges, and with Illeana Fernandez (Principal
Keyboardist for the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra

Kent has performed as an International Rock Recording
Artist, performing with the likes of Pantera, Megadeth,
Yngwie Malmsteen and many others.

Kent has performed as a Solo Classical Guitarist, and as a
member of the Riverside Guitar Quartet. Kent has also
worked as a studio musician, recorded a Jazz/Fusion
album with Acoustic Collective, and performs regularly as
a Singer/Songwriter in the Northeast Florida area of the
United States playing original music from his album
"Whispered Dreams" and covers.
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