Finding the right Guitar Instructor is hard. It can be a
tiring, frustrating and downright overwhelming process.
It isn't easy to figure out what you should be looking
for, or even where to begin. Where should you look?
Who's advice can you trust, and who's should you stay
away from? What questions should you ask and who
should you ask them to?

This book will answer all of your questions when it
comes to finding the best Guitar Instructor to suit your
needs. I will show you what, where, and how to look in
your quest to find the best Guitar Instructor you can. If
you read this book carefully and follow the instructions
thoroughly, you will have a foolproof system that will
lead you to the best and most qualified Instructors in
your area. No matter where you live!

You don't want to waste your time looking in the
wrong places, or studying with an Instructor who is not
right for you. You need to know as quickly as possible if
a Guitar Instructor is, or is not, the one you are looking
for. You can't afford to waste your time or your hardearned

If you are tired of working with one Guitar Instructor
after another, and not being able to find one that meets
your expectations; if you are frustrated with continual
disappointment in your search for an Instructor who can
help you reach your goals; or if you just don't even
know where to begin:

The answers you have been looking for
                                   are here!!!
What To Look For In A Guitar Instructor
                27 Things That Matter
                            3 That Don't

by Kent Smedley
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This book will answer all of your questions and guide
you every step of the way, leading you to the best
Guitar Instructors you can find!
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